Accessorize your Ratchet Sets

Many companies have specialised in producing accessories for ratchet sets, in addition to the ratchet sets. These accessories add value and enhance the efficiency of ratchet sets by providing additional features. Some of the very useful accessory tools used in combination with ratchet sets are extensions or extender arms, wobble extensions, extension grip collars, ratchet spinners, size adapters and universal joints.

Extensions/ Extender arms

The need for ratchet extension is necessitated under such circumstances where the ratchet wrench is not able to reach the nut or bolt. Ratchet extensions are used by fitting them as a bridge between the socket and ratchet wrench. These extensions are bars that allow you to increase extend of the socket in cases where the nut or bolt is too far to be reached, turned and tightened with the help of a wrench alone. They provide maximum extension of 3 feet.

Wobble extensions

Wobble extensions provide additional flexibility by allowing the socket-extension interface to bend up to about 15 degrees. This feature is helpful for the use of socket and extension in cramped locations.

Extension Grip Collars

Extension grip collars increase the efficiency of ratchet extensions by preventing them from twisting back. This is a very helpful accessory that allows the user to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts by turning extension and socket.

Ratchet spinners

Ratchet spinners are another ratchet accessory with knurled attachments. They assist in hand tightening or loosening a nut or bolt without the ratchet handle. They are almost 1 to ½ inch in size.

Size adapters

Size adapters are helpful in using sockets of one drive size to be used with ratchets of another drive size. They consist of male and female drive fitting of different sizes attached together.

Universal joints

Universal joints allow a bend in the turning axis of the wrench and socket. They assist in with turning a bolt or nut at a difficult to access location when used in complement to extensions and ratchets.